Flight Sim PCs - Testimonials

"Steve and the team built me a slightly customised Hurricane. Their support, advice, communication is without parallel and I’m so happy with my purchase.

I am a recently qualified private pilot and Steve was able to guide me towards the right configuration to help me maintain my procedural and navigation skills etc.

A terrific company to deal with - if you are looking for a really excellent high quality flight sim PC and all the advice you could ever wish for, then congratulations.....you just found it!"


Steve Hogg  December 2020

VFE Hurricane

"Hi Steve,


After a couple of days playing and testing the PC I'm pleased to say its running very well. 


MSFS is running at as good as you said it would. I have also been playing DCS world and it is running with good FPS at max settings. Also I have been able to push 60 FPS in VR which is fantastic. 


The Typhoon PC lives up to its expectations and I would recommend it to others. Again I would like to thank you and your team on a well built PC and wish you a good Christmas. 


Charlie Guppy December 2020

VFE Typhoon

"I couldn’t be happier with my flight sim pc from you guys. It’s fantastic. My wife is threatening to cite you as the ‘other party’ should a divorce be on the cards due to my flying most evenings..." 

John Robinson November 2020

VFE Hurricane

"My 14-year-old son who is flying mad, had the new Flight Sim 2020 game for his birthday. On installing we found his aging PC was not up to the required spec, and the results were jerky poor images.


With my limited computer knowledge, I initially thought a new graphics card would do the trick, but having seen an advert on “Virtual Flight Experience” website that they build PC’s for such programs I dropped them a message to enquire further.


Firstly, I’d like to say how quickly and helpfully they responded to my initial contact. They then talked me through how to send them the complete spec of my son’s PC and they then advised several ways in which I could improve the performance. As it turned out not to be just the graphics card, we opted to have a PC built by “Virtual Flight Experience” and replace the existing machine.


We gave VFE a budget to work to, and within a few weeks they had built, tested, and supplied us with a superb machine that is way more than we could have hoped for. The game works so smoothly on the maximum settings, and my son is over the moon with the results.


From start to finish communication was second to none, we felt like a part of the build and not just a customer getting what they are told, we received the packaging for every part that went into the build, and received a very good warranty, and the offer of help going forward if we needed it.


I am so glad we did what we did and did not rely on anyone without flight sim knowledge to supply as I’m sure the results would be no where near what we received. If you are thinking of upgrading or buying your first PC to run a Flight Sim 100%, I say “Virtual Flight Experience” is the place to go."

Jon Tzick  

VFE Hurricane 

October 2020

VFE Hurricane.jpg

"Just purchased my first custom built PC from VFE to pursue my hobby in the world of flight simulators. Really want to express my thanks to Steve & his team for the high quality PC they have delivered.

Steve was very approachable & knowledgeable which assisted me in choosing the correct PC for my requirements whilst always working within my budget. The price was very competitive to other major custom built PC companies and I strongly believe you wouldn't have received the same high standard of service elsewhere.


I was continually updated on the build time/ progress and received support after collection to assist in getting the system up and running. The build time was very quick and the build quality to a very high standard. I am currently using my system to run MSFS20 which runs amazingly on my PC!

I highly recommend Steve and his teams expertise in the area of flight simulator custom built PC's. Once again thank you very much."

Ryan Thomas

VFE Lightning 

September 2020