Everest Base Camp Challenge

Lukla Airport, Nepal

More than 300 people have died attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest, with countless more injured. Yet the dangers begin well before trekkers even reach base camp. The most common way hikers reach the area is to fly to the tiny Himalayan settlement of Lukla, 9,383 feet above sea level.


Tenzin-Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport, is a small airport in the town of Lukla, eastern Nepal. A program titled Most Extreme Airports, broadcast on The History Channel, rated the airport as the most dangerous airport in the world for over 20 years.

Airports can be challenging to pilots for many reasons. Sometimes it's the short runway as on many Greek islands. Places like Gibraltar suffer from regular wind shear, while mountainous terrain surrounding airports like Innsbruck creates obvious risks. Airports at high-altitude present dangers due to the effect that low air pressure has on the handling of an airplane.


Lukla, Nepal, has not just one, but all of these dangers.

Your challenge starts at Khatmandu airport.  You will take on the role of pilot flying a small group of mountaineers to their destination at Lulka in our Piper PA34 Seneca light aircraft.  You will run through all the correct checklists, get the aircraft prepared, start the engines, taxy out and perform the instrument departure procedure, which in itself is challenging enough since Khatmandu also is surrounded by mountains.

After departure you will route out towards the Himalayas climbing up to 13500 feet.  Then it is time to start the hazardous approach into Lukla with your supportive instructor by your side throughout the whole experience.

No experience is necessary but we recommend that, in order to enjoy this session to the full, pilots should have at least some basic flying knowledge and/or simulator experience.

Your session will last around an hour and half which includes a short briefing before entering the simulator.  For the ultimate experience,  you can also purchase the return flight back to Khatmandu, which incorporates the difficult instrument approach through the mountains, making the whole session time around 2 and a half hours.

Khatmandu to Lukla

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