Overcome Your Fear of Flying

The fear of flying (aerophopia) is an excessive worry about air travel.  It is far more common than you may think, with experts believing that it affects more than one in ten of us.

People suffering from a fear of flying often suffer increased anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of flying and many avoid air travel as a result of this.

For many this can mean cancelled or ruined holidays or difficulty in meeting work commitments.


If you can answer YES to most of these questions it is likely that you are affected:


  • Do you have high levels of anxiety prior to a flight?  

  • Do you experience bodily symptoms prior to and during flying, such as sweating, churning tummy and dizziness?

  • Do you avoid flying wherever possible?

  • Do you picture catastrophic scenes while flying that cause you distress?

  • Is your fear impacting on your relationships or work due to an inability to attend holidays or meetings?

  • Do you worry that you might lose control when flying and spontaneously open the airplane door or draw attention to yourself?

How can we help?

The traditional approach to fear of flying has been to primarily focus on teaching people the basics of flying.  These courses are often conducted by pilots.  Whilst this approach has merit, we go a little further.

In addition to time spent with professional pilots your course will be run by one of UK's leading psychologists, Dr Brian Levy, who has over 30 years of experience in helping people overcome anxiety and is one of the leading experts in that field. A significant aspect of our course is to help you understand and manage the psychological and physical aspects of your fear of flying.

Our course lasts a full day and includes a light lunch and refreshments as well as an opportunity to board our full size Boeing 737-800 simulator for a feel of what it is like to sit on the flight deck of a modern airliner.

Individual Consultation
Price  £275  £175

Dr Brian Levy.


Brian is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who lives in Staffordshire.  He has three grown-up daughters.

Brian's career in psychology began in 1983. In 2008 he assumed the role of Joint Associate Director for Psychology and Psychological Therapies with Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.

As a fully qualified pilot in his own right, Brian has always been passionate about flying and now combines that passion with his expertise from his career in helping others to overcome their fears.

Brian has developed and now runs our fear of flying course.  Guests coming along to our regular fear of flying sessions can rest assured they will have an extremely experienced qualified professional hand to help them manage and overcome their anxiety of flying.

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