Our Simulators

We operate two of the most advanced fixed base simulators in the world. 


Our Boeing 737 was constructed using brand new components from the worlds foremost manufacturer of professional grade flight sim hardware.  Our Piper PA34 Seneca is truly a unique sim, custom built from a real aircraft and the only one of its' kind in the world.


We believe that visual immersion is key to fooling the mind into believing you are flying a real aircraft.  At VFE we have put considerable thought and effort into custom designing our visual systems to rival the very best in the world.  


We operate a fully immersive 240 degree visual system in our 737 which covers all cockpit windows and extends in front of, to the side and even behind both pilots. Passengers in our 737 also benefit from side windows giving them the same view they would experience from the cabin of a real 737.  Both pilots and passengers also experience immersive audio and motion cues, hearing and feeling the aircraft as it accelerates down the runway and encounters turbulence, the landing roll and the taxy back to the gate.


Our Seneca sim goes even further, with a custom built 300 degree visual system which means the pilots can literally look over their shoulders and still see the view they would experience in a real aircraft.   This makes true VFR flying and navigation a reality, something rarely possible from a sim.

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