60 minutes at the controls of our Piper Seneca Simulator.

60 Minute Piper Seneca Virtual Flight Experience

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  • Our Piper Seneca simulator has been constructed using a retired aircraft and is one of the most realistic flight simulators anywhere in the world.  Fly our Seneca and you are flying a real aircraft, upgraded to the latest avionics spec with full Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit suite.​

    Fully immersive warp around visuals mean pilots can look out of every cockpit window to the front, side and even over their shoulder which makes for some extremely realistic visual flying.  Our simulator also features an amazing full sensory experience including wrap around sound and vibration which feels very similar to the real thing.

    ​Our 60 Minute Piper Seneca Virtual Flight Experience includes:​

    • Qualified instructors

    • Pre flight briefing followed by 60 minutes in our Piper Seneca simulator

    • Certificate of flight achievement to take home ​

    Suitable for:​

    • Complete novices.

    • Ages 10 upward

    • Anyone who would like to see what it feels like to fly a modern General Aviation Twin Engine Aircraft.

    • ​Private pilot licence holders / students

    • Experienced PC flight simulation enthusiasts

    • Please note that there are strict weight and mobility limits, this is a real light aircraft and as such requires a degree of mobility to enter and exit.  Guests must be 18 stone or under.   This experience is not suitable for anyone with physical disabilities or any kind of reduced mobility.  Also not suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia or motion sickness.  Please call us beforehand if you have any doubts about your suitability for this experience.