Intel i3-9100K up to 4.2Ghz


NVIDIA GTX 1650  Graphics Card


Wireless Networking

LAN Ethernet

Windows 10 Home Pre-installed

Mouse Not Included

Keyboard Not Included

Monitor Not Included

5 Year Warranty (1 year parts, 5 year labour)

Lifetime Technical Support


VFE Hawk Custom Flight Sim PC

  • Our entry level system is the Virtual Flight Experience Hawk.  Just like the aircraft made famous by the Red Arrows aerobatic team, our Hawk is inexpensive but highly capable. 


    Our Hawk may not be the most expensive system in our range, but it still packs one serious punch.  Solid performance is delivered in the major flight simulation packages at a very reasonable price. 


    At the heart of the Hawk is INTELs  Core i3-9100, modified by our technicians to run at speeds of up to 4.2ghz.  Graphics are delivered by the sturdy NVIDIA  GTX 1650 graphics card.  We complete the Hawk with a more than capable 16GB of fast memory and  a speedy 500GB SSD.


    All of our PCs are custom built to order.  Lead times are approximately 2  weeks.


     Need your system in a hurry or have any questions? 


     Want to customise this PC further?


     Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help. 



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