Intel I9-10920X Overclocked up to 4.9Ghz


NVIDIA Geforce RTX3080 


Windows 10 Home Pre-installed

VFE "Typhoon" Ultimate Custom Flight Simulator PC

  • Our VFE Typhoon is the state of the art in Flight Sim PC technology.


    Harnessing the amazing power of Nvidias brand new RTX3080 graphics card it is the most powerful performer in our range.  Delivering unbelivable performance across aross all major simulator platforms including Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator 2020. 


    Our Typhoon uses powerhouse technology to deliver an incredibly smooth flight simulation experience.  Intel's  Core-i9 10920X CPU and NVIDIA's brand new GeForce RTX 3080 GPU combine to ensure that the system is unmatched in its ability to deliver outstanding frame rates within Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, P3D, X-Plane11 or DCS.


    32GB of ultra fast memory is joined by 2 lightning fast SSD drives,  500GB M.2 SSD which loads Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 at a stunning 3.5Gb/s and a 2TB SSD for your scenery. 


    All of our PCs are custom built to order. 


    Lead times are  approximately 2  weeks.   


    Need your system in a hurry or have any questions? 


     Want to customise this PC further? 


    Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help. 



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