Intel I7-10700K Overclocked up to 5.1Ghz


NVIDIA Geforce RTX2060 Super 8GB



Windows 10 Home Pre-installed

Wireless Networking

LAN Ethernet

Windows 10 Home Pre-installed

Mouse Not Included

Keyboard Not Included

Monitor Not Included

5 Year Warranty (1 year parts, 5 year labour)

Lifetime Technical Support

VFE Lightning Custom Flight Sim PC

  • The Lightning takes its name from the legendary supersonic fighter aircraft and for good reason.  A blend of the latest technology delivers a superb experience. If you want your flight experience with no Lag or stutter, the VFE Lightning is exactly what you need. 



    At the heart of the Lightning beats the Intel Core i7-10700K.  32GB of memory means there is more than enough bandwidth to keep frame rates relentlessly high, whilst the storage combines the incredible performance of a 500GB SSD with a second 1TB SSD for scenery. This system supports up to four displays out of the box.



    Our technicians have worked hard testing the performance of this system in all major flight sim packages including X-Plane 11, Lockheed Martin P3D (V4.5 and V5), DCS and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. 



    Our VFE Lightning delivers the best possible experience with the base sim software as well as the most popular add on aircraft.  Even  system intensive scenery such as Orbx True Earth and airports is handled with ease.



    If you are looking for the best possible flight experience across the latest simulation products, whilst still balancing the budget, the VFE Lightning will be the ideal choice.



    All of our PCs are custom built to order. 


    Lead times are  approximately 2  weeks.


    Need your system in a hurry or have any questions? 



     Want to customise this PC further? 



    Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help. 



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