Our customers awarded us the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2018 and 2019. For 2020 we have achieved Trip Advisors "Best of the Best" award.  This represents a 100% record for all three years we have been in operation, in recognition of our outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.  


"Thoroughly fantastic experience. .bought for my partner for his birthday....on arrival we were met by Steve who sat with us and explained the whole experience and never rushed anything....I assumed I'd have to sit in a waiting room so I was really excited when I was invited to sit in the simulator with them both....really felt like I was in a real aeroplane. ..I sat and watched as Steve very calmly and professionally explained everything to my partner Pete. ....I was even invited to take as many photo's as I liked. .....We flew from Gatwick to Jersey. .....Pete said it was an amazing experience and he wants to do it again, we highly recommend anyone to try this experience......And an added bonus you get a certificate at the end"

Rachel Williams

"This was the perfect experience for my 10 year old son as his birthday treat! Steve was fantastic at communicating via email with me to go over details and our instructor, Matt, couldn’t have been more kind, knowledgeable and reassuring for my little boy as they flew from Gatwick to Jersey. Thank you both so much for making my little boy’s day! :)"

Joanna Sheridan

"Had a go on VFE’s flight simulator, it was an unreal experience, so realistic. Steve was very friendly, knowledgable and patient. Would 100% recommend and I’ll definitely be going back again soon!"

Harry Morey

"We took our 2 sons to try out the virtual flight experience yesterday. I have to say from start to finish, the process of booking, future communication, to finding the location and nearby restaurants was great. The set up is brilliant and is in a safe & secure environment. Connor & Callum flew a circuit round St Maarten in a little competition to see who was best (Obviously can't answer that one �). They received instruction from Steve, who made it clear & brief so just the right amount of info was given for them jump straight into flying, lets face it the boys were eager to get their hands on the controls. They did great and we didn't even have any crash landings!! The boys had a fab time, it gave them an insight into exactly what's going on the other side of that door while being a passenger going on holiday! We also received some helpful advice for a future in flying as our one son is really keen, it's made him even more interested in doing it now. Thanks again, I'm sure we will be back for more flying in the future! Brilliant set up and fab that something like this is made accessible for all to try. Thanks again Sarah, Neil, Connor & Callum."

Sarah Brierley



"Today I had the pleasure of flying with Virtual Flight Experience, from London Gatwick to Innsbruck. What an absolutely incredible time I had !


Although I've held a PPL since 2005, I had not flown in a number of years and must admit to having been a little nervous to try my skills on a B737-800. But from the moment we arrived, at VFE, my wife and I were given a warm welcome and everything, including the flight plan, was explained in detail.


The flight itself was brilliant. The flight deck is stunning and the instruction and support given was truly out of this World. As a pilot, it was wonderful to be entrusted with making the decision as to whether to fly an ILS or a manual approach, in to Innsbruck (consistently seen as one of THE most difficult approaches in the World) and I am so grateful that I chose the latter, as it forced me to conjure up hitherto suppressed flying skills !


All the while, my instructor- in the left seat - was my guide and trusted co-pilot; handling our speed as I manoeuvred through the mountains and valleys surrounding the airport.


What an incredible experience and one which I hope to repeat time and time again, as I will certainly be a regular flyer with Virtual Flight Experience. Highly recommended !!"

Craig Handley

"I booked this for my husband and I as it was/is our 40th wedding anniversary. We always like to do something different, so today we went and both took it in turns to have a lesson in a flight simulator of a Boeing 737!!! Fantastic experience!


I made Martin go first (I wanted to learn from his mistakes, did I really say that? I meant from his experience!😂). However, he had a laugh at me, he told the instructor to change the airport for a more difficult one! I Had Belfast airport (my home city) where is was raining and very cloudy with low visibility. It took all our concentration and a lot of energy, thank goodness for the auto pilot which was on periodically (not on landing, too easy! 😉)


We would recommend this for anyone, the instructor, Steve, was fantastic, gave very clear instructions, encouraging, friendly and a joy to meet. I am terrified of heights but enjoy flying (how does that work!)


If you are thinking about having a go, DO, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Steve!"

Dorothy Louden

"This was the best experience of my life I really enjoyed it. It was an anniversary treat from my other half and I can say I wouldn't change it for the world.


It makes you feel special and it's so surreal. The instructor Steve made me feel so calm when I was getting nervous. He was a fantastic instructor really good people's person. The experience for me was top class as so was the service. Really recommend it to anyone that loves planes as much as me.


Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will definitely be booking more experiences :)


Rahe x"

"Totally worth buying this experience for my husband. He is a flight sim enthusiast, and although I never got it, seeing him here yesterday with Steve, I got a little insight and was so glad I picked this place for it. Very welcoming and no doubt I have my husbands birthday and Christmas's sorted for the foreseeable, thanks Steve!!"

Joanne Harris

"Our sincere thanks to Steve for a truly amazing experience. It's an experience we'll never forget. We booked as a gift for our 11 year old son who, one day, hopes to be a pilot. This experience has definitely given him the confidence and determination to pursue his dream, so much so he wants to book more sessions!


Steve is an amazing teacher and the realism is beyond words. We'd highly recommend VFE and Steve to anyone considering an experience like this - you won't regret it. Thanks again Steve and we'll see you soon, i'm sure of it!"

Gavin Helgeson

"My son treated me for my 72nd birthday, booking a 30 min flight. When arranging the date I took Steve's offer and upgraded to 60min for a small fee, what an experience, within minutes of entering the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800 you are totally immersed and any thoughts that you are not in an actual plane vanish. Steve's calm and informative instructions soon have you enjoying this fantastic experience and within the 60 minutes we took off and landed at two totally different airports, in my case Geneva and an Island in the Caribbean. The 240 degree wrap round visual display with real time weather conditions completely blows your mind, Is it too late for me to take the full course? Maybe. I immediately booked a 60 min session for my son to return the gift."

Chris Searle

"What an amazing experience from start to finish for both pilot and passengers.


My 13 year old was given this experience as a birthday gift and he loved it. He was a little nervous at the start but Steve is an excellent instructor explaining everything in detail at an age appropriate level and within minutes my son was flying the plane with support from Steve where needed.


A take off, touch and go and landing at Liverpool then a trip to Hong Kong Kai Tak airport. Very realistic, all that was needed for the passengers was a member of cabin crew to come along with champagne and peanuts! It turns out my son is a natural flyer, further session purchased, this could get expensive!


Thanks Steve great evening."

Fiona Sissins

"I fly a regular short haul route for work, and take an interest in aviation, so I know some of the terminology and a few of the controls.


My instructor not only tailored the session to my regular flight, but double checked I understood that the flight I'd chosen was mostly procedural in nature (I did) so that he ensured I wasn't disappointed at a stage where it would have been too late. My main motivation was to recreate the trip and see what the pliots are doing when I'm sitting in the back, and to get my hands on the controls in the way they do (mostly automated).


It was a fascinating flight and I've booked another as it was so enjoyable. Thanks guys, a great experience at any price, but stunning value too."

John Eckersley

"Easy to book, and to change the date. Excellent location. Friendly and professional welcome. The flight was for my daughters 20th birthday. Its very real and the instructor made the experience enjoyable and was quick to praise.


Overall a 1st class experience and very likely to visit again. Well done"

Terry Biggs

"Such an amazing experience for my dad's 60th birthday, he loved every minute, Steve was a wonderful teacher and made this experience one to remember!


It was lovely to see my dad totally engrossed in the whole experience, the simulator is so real you almost forget that you're not really flying!


Steve has a real passion for his job and this is one of the reasons the experience is so enjoyable, you can't help but be captivated by his enthusiasm!


Book it! Book it now, you won't regret it "

Jane Willis

"We surprised our son with this amazing experience for his 10th birthday present! His reaction when we told him was priceless and am so glad I recorded it! The welcome pack that we received is great and let's you know everything to expect from your experience and how to locate the venue.


Steve was so lovely and made us all feel welcome and comfortable. Our son had the most memorable and amazing time and he can't stop talking about it. We've actually just finished watching the video that we had done of the flight experience (highly recommend it) and my son is now drawing a picture of him flying the 737! "

Barbara Pendergast

"This was my first time in a simulator and, being a bit of a plane geek, was something I was really excited about trying. It was bought by my partner as a birthday present, initially as the 60 minute experience but upgraded to 90 minutes so as to get a much more in depth session. She joined me on the day so we could both enjoy the experience. What can I say about my visit? It was, quite simply, fantastic! The level of realism is astounding, the location beautiful and the owner and instructor Steve, a patient, pleasant, engaging and friendly chap. I live quite close by and there is absolutely no doubt that I will be back soon to begin some more in depth learning. Thank you once again, Steve, and best of luck for continued success in this venture. Hope to see you again soon."

Stu Clough

"I had an amazing experience, my instructor was very good explaining everything inside out, my flight was from Tenerife to Madeira and that was an amazing experience.


Highly recommended to everyone like the website says you don`t need flight experience to enjoy this amazing simulator, I will be booking another session soon that's how much I enjoyed.


The flight was so real I almost forgot that I was on a simulator. Thank you VFE, and see you soon"

Joao Pereira

"Had the most amazing day today at VFE first of all meeting the guys, I was made very welcome from start to finish, then a nice soft drink and chat to explain what we was going to do from my own chosen flight which was JFK to PHL so then the fun begins...

Fantastic experience flying the iconic B737-8 and having the feeling of being a real pilot. This has got to be a 100% must for anyone who wishes to fly in the future as a pilot or just wants to experience what it takes just for a fun day out.


Really enjoyed taking control of the aircraft when disengaging the auto-pilot and landing into Philadelphia by myself. Flying from JFK and landing into PHL was great as I've been to these airports before and to experience it in the cockpit was certainly something to remember.


Please try this at some point as you will definitely not regret it! Awesome I will be booking again very soon. Thanks again for this excellent experience. 5*****"

Frazer Newlands

"I had travelled many times in airliners but had no idea of what it was like to pilot one. my instructor and the simulator made me feel that I was really flying.


Sitting in an authentic 737 cockpit I became totally engaged in controlling the plane, taking off and landing at “real” airports. Steve is an excellent instructor and encouraged me to achieve the most that I could in an hour.

This was a great experience and I will be recommending it to my friends and family."

Bob Stanley

"I was given this flight experience as a birthday present from my fiancée. I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. Steve was a fantastic instructor and a genuinely nice man. He put me at ease straight away as I am a nervous flyer. I would recommend virtual flight experience to anyone."

Barry Totten

"What an amazing experience my fiancé had yesterday. He was thrilled to be flying to JFK. Thanks to Steve for making it so special. We can't thank him enough. He is a genuinely nice man. We will be returning for another flight and would highly recommend VFE."

Michelle Oakley

"After being a Private Pilot for over 7 years flying for pleasure I made the decision to start training as a commercial airline pilot. After enrolling on the relevant courses I saw an advert for Virtual Flight Experience and decided that while I was waiting to start the courses I would give them a ring and see what I could expect in my future career.

Having given very short notice they still managed to book me in for the following evening. We were welcomed and had a chat about my previous flight knowledge and experience and went through a short brief of the flight. We planned a departure from the Gate at Gatwick, start up and departure towards SAM (overhead Southampton airport) then a full approach and arrival at Jersey Airport.

Once we were in the sim, Steve showed me around the systems we would be using and then it was time to depart. The flight was fantastic and due to my previous flying experience I decided to fly most of the route by hand to get a real feel for the aircraft. Although it was a lot to take in as the aircraft and engines responded very differently to what I am used to I really enjoyed the day and I have no doubt that starting a career in aviation is the right move for me.


Every detail is realistic and feels like a real aircraft. As soon as I have my licences under my belt I will be back to further my training and gain valuable experience to prepare me for the airlines.

Thanks again to the guys at Virtual Flight Experience and especially to Steve Mount, my Captain for the flight."


Jamie Middleton

ATPL Student 

"Fantastic day really loved it , my hubby was well impressed with his bday pressie . Our instructor was great explained everything and had loads of time for us all would definitely recommend and will definitely be back to do again thank you thank you best ever experience"

Carol Anderson

"My dad has just had one of the most brilliant experiences of his life at VFE. Steve is most one of the most welcoming friendly people you could meet. The atmosphere was most relaxing and we all felt most welcome, any questions were welcomed by Steve.
My dad really enjoyed the flying experience and will be recommending it to others.

5 stars from us Steve , you're a star"

Tracey Nicholson

"This was booked as a practice session before going on a real flying lesson and the simulator was so realistic that I may as well have been sat in a 737. Brilliant experience, great prices and not something to be missed."

Grant Mansell

"An Excellent Experience"


"From the moment we booked this experience for my Birthday by phone , Steve was highly professional, very friendly and informative.


These qualities were self evident when my wife and I turned up for my experience and met Steve in person.


A very personable guy who it was a pleasure to spend over 90 minutes with in a cockpit. His teaching abilities ( and patience!) make him the ideal instructor, putting me at ease and skilfully helping me to enjoy my time "flying!"


Would certainly recommend and return for another experience."

Paul Brewer

​​"This was my first time visiting Virtual Flight Experience, it certainly won't be my last. I was very impressed with the set up as a whole - the simulator and facilities are absolutely top notch. VFE have clearly put a huge amount of time and effort into this project and the quality of the simulator itself speaks volumes. It is absolutely on par with the commercial level simulators that I visit for my 6 monthly recurrent checks and the visuals are great. I would happily recommend the simulator to anyone, professional or enthusiast alike."
Adam Hillier
 Airline Pilot 

"Virtual Flight Experience - truly amazing! I had been looking forward to the experience of flying a Boeing 737-800 for months and finally got the opportunity in the form of a birthday gift. It totally met my expectations and more. A most enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and with Steve who's company was great.
The whole presentation was both personable and professional from start to finish and I highly recommend Steve's setup. He's a great instructor and spared me none for some of the challenges involved in flying the 737. The surround scenery gave a complete sense of motion and it really was hard to believe that you were actually sitting in a static simulator. A most enjoyable and satisfying morning well worth every moment, thank you. "


Simon Phillips (PPL/AFISO)

“Amazingly realistic”


"We bought this experience as a Birthday present for our son and looking at the reviews etc, I decided it was a great idea for me to have a go too.. Which I'm so glad I did..! We both have had some flying experience previously (light aircraft), so as the simulator can be tailored to individuals, it is a great experience for all levels.


For the first hour, as suggested by our Flying Instructor, my son started up & took off from Gatwick and flew across to Jersey. I then flew the return back to Gatwick and parked up etc.. this in real time and the current weather conditions (during recent strom Doris!).


Whilst not in the flying seat you are able to sit in a seat behind to go through the experience too, we both had great fun although definitely need to concentrate and follow the instructors advice / instruction. The 737-800 simulator graphics are really good and hardware controls etc. are new.


We had been on another Boeing 737 simulator experience a couple of years ago. This one was far superior and the instruction first class. On the day we were looked after by VFE, a big thank you to them for being so welcoming, polite, patient and making this a unique experience. 👍


If you're looking for something different, or a gift, you can't go wrong with this experience. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. We will definitely be going again soon ✈️ We wish Virtual Flight Experience, great success for the future.


Thank you.


S J Marsh (Birmingham)"

"It's not every day you get to sit in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 whilst your husband flys you into Birmingham.


Thank you Virtual Flight Experience for a fantastic afternoon. Well worth it & thoroughly recommended. When can I go again? ✈️."

Claire Eburne

"Great afternoon flying the Boeing 737 Virtual Flight Experiences Sim. Gatwick to Birmingham with the weather engine set to today's actuals. Followed by a quick cheeky dirty-circuit at old Hong Kong Kai Tak through the tower blocks to the checker board quick right hander over the Cypress trees and in. To be recommended."

John Eburne. CAA Flying Instructor and Examiner

"Absolutely great experience would definitely recommend!! Something i would definitely do again as the graphics were amazing and the whole set up was exactly as it would be in a real cockpit."

Vicki Wilkes

"I had an excellent afternoon with VFE for a 90 minute flight experience. Truly amazing ! I can highly recommend this facility to anyone who would like to know what it is really like to fly a modern Boeing 737-800 aircraft. I'll be back again for more...Thanks !"

Paul Davis

"The graphics are fantastic flying over London seeing the cars moving on the M25 and the towns and villages down below. Looks so real. Must go again hopefully fly along the coast line on a hot summers day. brill Steve best I've seen yet ."

Stuart Milligan

"My son loved his Virtual Flight Experience, he can't wait to go again, made to feel so welcome. It's a really good price at the moment. Thanks Steve"

Sharon Milligan

"Colleagues bought this for my birthday, I am so glad they did. They were able to sit in on my flight and enjoyed it as much as I did. I often wondered if I could get a 737 back on the ground without killing everyone and now I know maybe I could !! The people here were really pleasant. I can't wait to have another go. A word of advice when going there look out for the gates with Four Acres on or you'll sail past. (I should learn to trust that sat. nav.) All in all an experience to remember."

Mark Cerrone

I'm a bit of a serious simmer (with PMDG experience) and I wanted to fly battery on to battery off. In booking the session VFE were extremely responsive and flexible in offering different types of experience that would suit me. There was essentially no restriction on what I could do, and we settled on doing a flight from Gatwick to Innsbruck (a challenging approach).


On arrival the welcome was very warm and relaxed, and I met my instructor, who I'd be flying with. Had a nice geeky chat about sim stuff, went through the flight plan and got into the cockpit. 


It was all up to me ultimately the extent of control I wanted to have - before entering the Sim I thought I'd be doing what I do at home, yoke in one hand, throttles in the left, and that I'd find the rudder easy to master... in reality, I ended up just on the yoke! It's quite different to my Saitek at home, and really takes some concentration, so quite an eye-opener. The Sim is highly advanced and is extremely satisfying to sit in. It looks far better in reality than in pictures!


VFE are expanding their options on offer hugely - you can either go for a one-off or you can go all the way up to having a type rating where you can operate the simulator independently. Compared to other sim experiences on offer, this one is hugely flexible and very relaxed. The team were really helpful and friendly and I'll certainly be going back again, to practice more approaches I think!


Jon Brady

Amazing fun, so realistic and exhilarating


I booked this trip as a birthday present for my husband Jim. Our instructor was really keen for Jim to get the experience he wanted and took the time to find out what type of flight experience he preferred and where he wanted to go. He then ensured Jim got the full benefit of his time in the simulator and included our chosen destinations. Our instructor was very calm, professional and informative, giving Jim the instruction to fly in an easy to understand manner but allowing him to fully engage and fly to his maximum capability.


Our instructor only assisted where necessary so ensuring Jim felt fully in control and immersed himself in the whole experience.


The panoramic wrap-around views with waves breaking over the sea and vehicles moving around the airport perimeter were so realistic, as was the set up of the cockpit. This trip exceeded our expectations in every way. Jim enjoyed the challenge and learning how to fly, I enjoyed seeing him enjoy it, observing the scenery and take-offs and landings at close quarters.


I would urge anyone who is considering booking to 'go for it'. We had a great afternoon and felt the professional and friendly VFE delivers the experience brilliantly. First Class Flight!

Vivienne Hunter


"My simulator session at Virtual Flight Experience was truly an unforgettable one. As a prospective commercial pilot, the 737-800 simulator was perfect in allowing us to conduct a realistic flight from Gatwick to Manchester. Everything was able to be simulated from a Cold & Dark start to the Standard Operation Procedures which a flight crew would conduct in real life.

The graphics in the Simulator are extremely high detailed and are perfect for those wishing to conduct VFR and IFR flights anywhere in the world. All in all, I will definitely be returning to Virtual Flight Experience, it really is as realistic as you can get without being in the real thing!"

Richard Ushiro-Lumb

My son was given this experience as an 18th birthday present. He wants to become a commercial pilot and has had a little flying experience. He has a home PC simulator and has also had a couple of commercial sim experiences before.


Myself and my husband both went along with our son and we all thoroughly enjoyed Virtual Flight Experience! From the start Steve, the owner, made us feel very welcome and couldn't do enough to ensure that my son got the most out of his time. We chatted about what my son has done before and Steve suggested possible scenarios.


Our instructor then flew with my son, allowing him to take control which is just what he wanted. The instructor was acting as co-pilot, doing all the flight checks and assisting just as a co-pilot would. He supported at just the right level to allow my son to be challenged.


The simulator itself is amazing, with fantastic wrap around graphics, realistic sound etc. We were able to sit behind the flight deck and watch everything and also take photo's/video's. It is so realistic that it really feels as if you are on a real flight.


The service is much more personal than other experiences we have had and this is what makes it particularly enjoyable. You also receive a folder and certificate which is really well presented. Whatever you are looking to get out of your experience, I have no doubt that this company will go the extra mile to ensure you achieve it.


Overall it is an outstanding experience with faultless service and a passionate owner who will do everything to make sure that you have a fab time! We will certainly be returning as soon as possible! Thanks Steve and the team for a great afternoon!


Sharon Walker

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