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I was offered an interview for a low cost carrier operating the Boeing 737, as I was previously operating on a very different type of aeroplane I felt I needed some preparation for the simulator check.  I had come across Virtual Flight Experience as having grown up in the Leicestershire area I still had family there and had been interested to see there was a simulator locally. 
I contacted Steve at short notice as there was not much time available between arriving back in the UK and attending the interview, from the outset Steve was very friendly and accommodating and we discussed what I needed to do and how many hours I should buy, there was no hard sell and we agreed on two hours at a very reasonable price.  When I arrived I found that Steve had rearranged another booking to allow me the opportunity to avoid having a gap between the two sessions, this was something I really appreciated and fitted perfectly with the friendly atmosphere I noticed at every stage dealing with VFE.
The sim session was excellent and Steve knew what was to be expected of me in the upcoming sim session and after seeing how I adapted to the 737 he was able to offer me tips on where to spend the time of the session most effectively.  I was very impressed with how he conducted the session and the knowledge he had, especially about the format sim assessments take.  I left feeling much more confident for my assessment and in no small part to Steve’s help I was offered a position on the 737 after the assessment.
  I cannot recommend VFE enough, not only for experience flights but also for anybody looking for  sim assessment preparation or refreshing skills periodically.  I will certainly look at using VFE again in the future. 
Stefan Vettese  
Airline Pilot, Boeing 737
"I visited VFE for an experience session whilst mid-way through my Commercial Pilot Training. After recently completing my training and gaining a (f)ATPL, I was lucky enough to be offered my first airline pilot interview. 
  I knew the assessment would involve some B737 simulator time and so I did not hesitate to contact Steve and book onto a few Simulator Proficiency Check courses that he has to offer. Steve was able to tailor the sessions specifically to the airline, after I sent him a preparation pack I had received detailing profiles, power settings and generally what to expect in the interview.
The sessions included a thorough briefing and short debrief as well of plenty of time in the sim to practice everything I felt I needed to. He was very flexible and allowed me to structure the sessions to how I wanted them which was most important to me. I am pleased to say I passed my selection and am waiting to start my Type Rating on the B737.
I know this would not have been possible without VFE being a part of my preparation and therefore I would not hesitate to recommend them to any future pilot."
Tom Dudley
 Airline Pilot, Boeing 737
​​"I have been extremely impressed with Virtual Flight Experience who have helped me to pass simulator assessments with two major UK Airlines.


As a recently qualified Commercial Pilot looking for an Airline job I booked two sessions with VFE as part of my preparation. I was very impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and level of detail shown by the team. They were very accommodating and moved things around in order to fit me in at late notice. They created a bespoke package tailored to give me the best possible chance of success. The Instructors are qualified Pilots which meant they were able to offer very useful tips and pointers throughout the session.


The simulator itself was very impressive. The actual cockpit layout and the visuals are comparable to a full motion simulator.  The handling was very similar to the actual simulator I flew, if anything slightly more sensitive in pitch. This meant that the actual aircraft was slightly easier to fly and so my performance during my assessments was even better than I expected. The fact that I passed both Airline simulator assessments is testament to the team and the excellent simulator at VFE. In addition it was very good value for money in comparison to some other fixed base 737 simulator companies. If you are preparing for an Airline assessment, or even if want to fly something that feels just like the real thing I would certainly recommend VFE."

James Dawkins 
 Airline Pilot, Boeing 737
​​"Without doubt my training started at VFE.  The skills I picked up in the Boeing 737 sim gave me a solid foundation to progress quickly, allowing me to gain a CPL in 11 months.
A lot of airlines use a 737 sim to conduct their assessments, so those skills will come in handy once again.
I thoroughly recommend VFE's courses and can't wait to check out the new Seneca sim."
Tom Duffy 
 Commercial Pilot
​​"This was my first time visiting VFE Training, it certainly won't be my last. I was very impressed with the set up as a whole - the simulator and facilities are absolutely top notch. VFE have clearly put a huge amount of time and effort into this project and the quality of the simulator itself speaks volumes. It is absolutely on par with the commercial level simulators that I visit for my 6 monthly recurrent checks and the visuals are great. I would happily recommend the simulator to anyone, professional or enthusiast alike."
Adam Hillier 
 Airline Pilot
​​"I wanted to place on record my thanks to the guys at VFE for looking after my Dad and showing him the ropes of a 737! 


I fly the 737 myself for a UK airline and my Dad wanted to see what the crack was so I got him the session for his birthday. He flew a full sector from Gatwick to East Midlands and I was impressed at the way they are able to explain a good amount of technical items so that my Dad could learn as well as enjoying the session. 


The set-up and the Simulator itself are all very impressive. My Dad thoroughly enjoyed his time and felt relaxed throughout. He's told me the single engine stuff was challenging and was chuffed to bits he got it on the runway at East Midlands. I'd recommend VFE for either commercial guys to get some practice in or for enthusiasts to try their own skills behind the controls. I've no doubt I'll be back to use the facilities myself. "

Nick Hallam
  Airline Pilot, Boeing 737
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