Simulator Refresher

You have invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money to gain your ATPL.  Ensure that you preserve those skills with our simulator refresher courses.

As humans we need to practice our skills on a regular basis, otherwise we forget them.

Airlines understand this.

 Even the most experienced pilots, with years of flying, are still required to pass proficiency checks every six months.

A common mistake for newly graduated pilots is to neglect the importance of regular simulator sessions after completing their MCC and JOC.  Some focus on sending out CVs without maintaining their skills.

What is required to remain current?

As part of your application, many airlines will ask how many flying hours you have completed in the past 12 months. Simulator jet hours are important too. Your response to these questions will often determine whether you are invited for an interview assessment or not.

We recommend job hunting commercial pilots take at least one simulator refresher every 2-3 months.

How can VFE help?

We provide simulator refresher courses at extremely competitive rates.  This enables pilots to maintain and develop their proficiency while looking for that all important first position in an airline.

You may choose to focus on a particular area to practice, for example emergency procedures.  Alternatively you can fly an entire sector from startup to shut down.

Your session will commence with a pre flight briefing and will follow with between one and three hours in the simulator (longer sessions may be provided if required)  The session will end with a debrief.  All sessions are carried out on our 737-800 FBTD in a private, supportive and secure environment.  You will have the use of our facility, in addition to the undivided attention of your instructor,  for the duration of your visit

1 Hour Simulator Refresher
  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • 1Hr Simulator Session

  • De-Brief

        Instructor Included


2 Hour Simulator Refresher
  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • 1.5Hr Simulator Session

  • De-Brief

        Instructor Included


3 Hour Simulator Refresher
  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • 3Hr Simulator Session

  • De-Brief

        Instructor Included


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