Team Building

Our Team Building days evoke a multitude of skills including leaderships, innovation, communication, deadlines, group dynamics and visioning – all of which are realities of working life. These can now be developed within a private and friendly environment at Virtual Flight Experience.

Our suite of performance challenges include:

PILOT DOWN – Both pilots are incapacitated and then the aircraft needs to be landed safely at the nearest airport. Communicating with air traffic control is the only guidance you will have.

CIRCUITS – With the assistance of a personal instructor, each employee will complete a circuit at an airport.

CORPORATE CHALLENGE – Whilst flying a circuit with your instructor, you will be rated for your skills in the air. Your score and position on the leader board will be adjusted throughout the day.

AIR ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION – Establish what went wrong in a real world air accident. Analysis, questioning and communication all come to the fore in the investigation.


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