BOEING 737-800

Our fully functional Boeing 737-800 simulator is one of the most modern and realistic fixed base procedural trainers in the world.  

Under continual development and subject to a rolling modification and upgrade programme, we are constantly investing to ensure our 737 remains the best and most realistic simulator at this level in the United Kingdom. 


Every system on the real aircraft is modelled.  Customers can choose to start from cold and dark, or run a series of failure scenarios.


We believe that visual immersion is key to fooling the mind into believing you are flying a real aircraft.  At VFE we have put considerable thought and effort into custom designing our visual systems to rival the very best in the world.  


We operate a fully immersive 240 degree HD visual system in our 737 which covers all cockpit windows and extends in front of, to the side and even behind both pilots.  We have developed proprietary imagery for our scenery, making the view of the outside world look incredibly true to life.   We also run a live, real world weather engine as standard, which provides ultimate realism.


The realism does not stop on the flight deck. Passengers in our 737 also benefit from our dynamic cabin environment.  Both pilots and passengers also experience immersive audio and motion cues, hearing and feeling the aircraft as it accelerates down the runway, encounters turbulence, touches down and taxis back to the gate.

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