We have helped over 150 professional pilots secure job offers from 13 different airlines since 2018.


This makes VFE the ideal training partner to prepare you for that all important sim proficiency check.  


It is normal for airlines to require applicants to complete a simulator assessment as the final stage of their pilot selection process. Also serving pilots are generally required to complete a proficiency check every six months.


You will usually be assessed by a Synthetic Flight Instructor or Training Captain who will be looking at your handling skills, instrument scanning skills, CRM skills and most importantly how easily you take to instruction and how much of a training risk you may be should you be selected for type rating.  For current pilots the simulator proficiency check is a recurrent training requirement for which you will want to be thoroughly prepared.


It is vital to approach this in as prepared a state as possible. For those who have been searching for that elusive first job for some time or those who have little multi-crew currency, a few hours spent with an instructor in a fixed-base aircraft simulator can mean the difference between being successful or not.

A typical session will include a raw data SID, some general handling, a raw data ILS, go-around at minimums followed by vectoring for another raw data ILS or a non-precision approach. Depending on your experience level the airline may include failures such as a V1 cut, engine fire or failure in the cruise, emergency descent, etc.

How can VFE help?

We provide simulator proficiency check preparation courses at extremely competitive rates.  This enables pilots to prepare for their upcoming proficiency check in a private, supportive and secure environment. Our instructors, many of whom are current line pilots themselves, have an in depth understanding of what will be expected of you during your assessment.  We also have a thorough understanding of the specific proficiency checks you can expect depending upon which airline you are interviewing with. Our customers have gone on to secure positions with Jet2, Norwegian, DHL, Ryanair, Eastern, Emirates, West Atlantic, FlyBe, TUI, British Airways, Cathy Pacific and Wizz Air.


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One Hour Simulator Proficiency Check Preparation
  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • 1 Hr Simulator Session

  • De-Brief

        Instructor Included


Two Hour Simulator Proficiency Check Preparation
  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • 2 Hr Simulator Session

  • De-Brief

        Instructor Included


Three Hour Simulator Proficiency Check Preparation
  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • 3 Hr Simulator Session

  • De-Brief

        Instructor Included


Fly our Boeing 737-800 fixed base procedural trainer, with your instructor, on a full and complete flight.  The pinnacle of airline pilot experiences. 

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