We Offer a Range of Training Courses to Compliment and Improve Your Real World Flying
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(Left) The Boeing 737-800 is the mainstay of the worlds short to medium haul airliner fleet.  Pictured is a 737-800 in Ryanair livery, as flown by some of our instructors on their day jobs.

Experience life as an airline pilot with a thrilling flight in our Boeing 737-800 fixed base flight simulator which is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world.
We offer our guests the most realistic airline pilot experience in the United Kingdom in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.  You do not need ANY flying experience at all to enjoy a flight with us and so our vouchers are suitable for everyone.
On our 60 minute sessions and above, at no extra charge, you will have the option of experiencing the ultimate in flight simulation.  Strap yourself in and assume the role of pilot flying, working with your instructor as a crew, conducting a real time gate to gate flight from an airport of your choice to another.  This includes preflight, startup, take off, fuel planning, approach, landing and shutdown. 
All this using real world procedures, flight routings. and live weather.  
Instead perhaps you would prefer to concentrate on your take offs and landings?  Or maybe you would like to try out some of the worlds more challenging approaches?  That is fine too, just let us know your preference and we will make all the arrangements.
Experience Vouchers

Our experience vouchers make the perfect gift.  Suitable for anyone over the age of 10, they are valid for 18 months.  No experience is needed in fact most of our guests have little or no flying experience at all.  Our friendly instructors will put you at your ease and make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.