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We operate two of the most advanced simulators in the world here at VFE, but it is our people that really make the difference.   

Ensuring that our customers feel welcome and relaxed when they visit our centre is very important to us. 


A key part of our team selection process is ensuring that not only do our instructors have great flying abilities, they also have first class customer care and people skills too.

Our instructors are all experienced and friendly pilots who will ensure you have an amazing time when you visit.

Steve Mount.jpg

Steven Mount

Flying Instructor

B737 & PA-34

Take to the skies in our

one-of-a-kind Piper Seneca flight simulator.   For a real "seat of your pants" flying experience.

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Tom Dudley

Tom Dudley.jpg

Flying Instructor


Edward Thorneywork

Ed Thorneywork.jpg

Flying Instructor


Nick Webb.png

Nicholas Knott

Flying Instructor

B737 & PA-34

Tony Starkey.jpg

Antony Starkey

Flying Instructor

PA-34 Piper Seneca

Flying Instructor

B737 & PA-34

Lee Richards

Lee Richards.jpg

Flying Instructor

B737 & PA34

Edward Pledge.jpg

Flying Instructor

PA-34 Seneca

Edward Pledge

Danny Desai.jpg

Honorary Head of Training

Danny Desai



Team Mascot

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