Meet the Team

We operate two of the most advanced simulators in the world here at VFE, but it is our people that really make the difference.   

Ensuring that our customers feel welcome and relaxed when they visit our centre is very important to us. 


A key part of our team selection process is ensuring that not only do our instructors have great flying abilities, they also have first class customer care and people skills too.

Are you interested in joining our team?  If so drop us a line at enclosing your cv.

Born into a military family, Steve spent his early years growing up on Royal Air Force bases around the UK and Europe.

He gained his pilots qualifications almost 20 years ago and operated his own aircraft for a number of years, flying on business around the UK and Europe.

In January 2017 Virtual Flight Experience was born. Since then Steve has been our full time CEO and also one of our Flying Instructors. 


These days he specialises in our B737 airline sim assessment prep sessions and Virtual CPL/MEIR courses on our Piper Seneca simulator. Steve also instructs our popular B737 Virtual Type rating courses and is one of our qualified in-house examiners on the B737.

Steven Mount
Flying Instructor
(B737 & PA34)

Nick is a full time instructor on our Boeing 737 sim, in fact he spends more time instructing in our sim than most airline pilots spend flying the real aircraft!


If you fly with Nick then you can look forward to being transported into the role of airline pilot, flying from one airport to another in real time using current procedures and flight routes.

Nick instructs on our Boeing 737 Virtual Type Rating courses and is also one of our qualified in-house examiners on the B737. 

Nick Webb
Flying Instructor
(B737 & PA34)

A qualified pilot for over 15 years, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. 

Tony first came to VFE as a customer, completing our Virtual Type Rating course on the Boeing 737. 


Shortly afterwards Tony moved on to flying our Piper Seneca and quickly progressed through our Virtual CPL and instructor rating courses.

He now instructs on our PA-34 simulator in his spare time, meaning you will have an amazing experience if you visit on a day when he is on duty.

Tony Starkey
Flying Instructor (PA34)

Ed flys the Boeing 737 for a major UK cargo airline. 


When he is not on duty at his airline, Ed brings his experience and expertise to VFE, instructing on our Boeing 737-800.

If you visit VFE on a day when Ed is instructing, you can look forward to the experience of operating some of the routes he flys in real life.

Ed Thorneywork
Flying Instructor (B737)

Tom began his association with VFE back when we started in January 2017.  In fact he was our 33rd ever customer!

He came to us for an experience session while he was midway through his airline pilot training.  Visiting us again in 2018 for a simulator preparation session to help him get ready for his interview at his airline. 

Tom now flys the Boeing 737-800 for a major European Passenger Airline and instructs for us on his days off. 

If you visit on a day when Tom is instructing, you can look forward to visiting some of the popular holiday destinations he flys to in the real world.

Tom Dudley
Flying Instructor (B737)

Kieran flies the Boeing 737-800 for a major UK cargo airline, delivering freight all over Europe.

If you fly with us when Kieran is instructing you can look forward to an unique experience, seeing first hand what life as a cargo pilot is like. 


Maybe you will fly a route from East Midlands airport to Edinburgh.  Or perhaps you will be flying the mail to the channel islands.  Good news though is you won't have to get up at 1AM to go flying like Kieran generally does!

Kieran Truefitt
Flying Instructor (B737)

Danny is one of the most experienced and accomplished Boeing 737 pilots in the world.  With 40 years of experience Danny is the senior B737 Captain at a leading airline in India.

He is also a Check Pilot, Instructor and Examiner Captain on the entire series of the Boeing 737 Aeroplane.

Danny has played a key role in advising us on the restructuring of our popular Boeing 737 Type Rating Course, ensuring that it matches as closely as possible the schedule of training undertaken by real pilots.


He also helps to ensure that our operating procedures are current and in line with the latest real world standards.

Captain Danny Desai
Honorary Head of Training 

Our youngest team member is Groucho, our English Bulldog team mascot. Pictured here at just 9 weeks old.


Now he is a grown up boy at eighteen months old, Groucho has started his flight training on our Piper Seneca Simulator. 


He is dreaming of getting his private paw-lets licence one day so he can fly himself to Crufts.

Team Mascot
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