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Last Updated 21/04/2022

If you have any queries in relation to our COVID rules please do not wait until you arrive on site to discuss them.  Instead we ask you contact us before your visit either by emailing or by calling us on 0330 124 8777.


All covid related voucher extensions have now closed.  If you have an expired voucher please contact us so we can discuss the options. 


We operate our simulator sessions within a confined indoor space in very close proximity to our staff.    Therefore in order to continue to safeguard the health of both our customers and staff,  we are continuing to operate some COVID procedures for visits to our centre. 


In regards to face mask wearing, we have now moved to a "mutual respect" policy in regards to the enforcement of face mask wearing as follows;

If you or anyone in your party wishes to wear a face mask, then our staff will also wear masks during your visit.

Likewise, if any member of our staff wishes you to wear a mask during your visit, then we require the co operation of you and your guests with that request.  Please note that the majority of our team members will be happy for you to not wear a mask, but we do have a couple of colleagues who may ask you to wear one as a health courtesy to them.


Since we are a private business based on private premises, there are no exceptions or exemptions to this rule. 



Our staff toilet facilities will remain closed to customers until further notice.   If there is a reason why you may need access to our facilities during your visit, then please let us know before your arrive on site, so our staff are aware. 


Your Health and Safety and that of our staff is our prime concern.   Due to the nature of the experience we offer, which takes place in close proximity to our staff inside a confined space, we are still maintaining some COVID procedures in order to ensure we continue to have a safe environment for all of our customers and staff.  

By booking a session you are agreeing to be bound by these procedures and rules.



  • PLEASE ARRIVE 20 MINUTES BEFORE your stated session time.  This is to facilitate adequate spacing between sessions and to provide time for your pre-flight briefing. 


  • PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR CAR. Upon arrival, please wait in your car until a member of our team collects you.

  • COVID SYMPTOMS If either you or anyone in your party exhibits COVID symptoms whilst with us, meaning any cough or any sneezing, your session will be stopped and you will need to purchase a new voucher to visit us in the future.   If you have developed COVID symptoms or have tested positive shortly before your session date please contact us ASAP so we can discuss your options. 

  • BRINGING GUESTS The participant may bring 1 guest with them to enjoy the 737 experience at no extra charge.  Up to a further 3 guests may also join the participant in our 737 at £10 per guest.  Please note there is no waiting facility on site.   If you are flying our Seneca simulator or attending a family Future Pilot Course this is limited to 1 free guest and 1 paid guest due to the smaller size of the aircraft.

  • HAND DISINFECTANT - everyone will be required to disinfect their hands on arrival using the supplied hand sanitiser.  



  • Our team members will wear face masks for your protection should you wish.  If you would like us to wear masks, please let us know when you arrive. 

  • We will provide a clean, sanitised and air filtered environment for you to visit. 

  • We will disinfect the reception area, briefing rooms and all of the contact points in the simulator on a regular basis.

Please note:  We will not be supplying any refreshments until further notice.  If you are due to be with us for a lengthy session, please bring your own refreshments if you need them (Food and drink may not be taken inside the simulators)

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