Last Updated 21 November  2020.


Due to the National Lockdown in England, we will be closed to the public for experience sessions from November 5th until the Government lifts the new restrictions on December 3rd 2020.

All customers who have sessions booked between November 5th and December 2nd will have already heard from us via email so we can help you to rebook.  We regret this inconvenience but we support the government fully in its attempts to control the virus and keep us all safe.



All valid vouchers were extended on 20/3/20 by 6 months.  Due to the November lockdown, vouchers will be extended again by an amount of time equivalent to the length of the national lockdown which at present is 1 month. This extension also applies to vouchers purchased via our voucher site partners.  In line with the 6 month extension we applied back in March,  vouchers purchased anywhere other than directly from VFE must be redeemed with us before they expire in order to qualify for an extension.  



 Our online booking system is active and accepting bookings from December 2nd onwards so please do not wait until we reopen, you can make your reservation here.

Please note that due to the requirements under our COVID Secure system to provide adequate spacing between all of our sessions, all session times are subject to possible alteration.  We will make every effort to avoid any change to your start time, however if we do need to change the time or date of the session we will contact you via email and provide as much notice as possible. 


Your Health and Safety and that of our staff is our prime concern.   Due to the nature of the experience we offer, which takes place in close proximity to our staff inside a confined space, we operate to tighter restrictions than the Government guidelines in order to ensure we have a safe environment for all of our customers and staff.  

We have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment in respect of the operation of our simulators.  We have worked under these procedures since August 1st 2020, delivering over 1200 individual simulator sessions during that time,  without any known instance of COVID infection.  If you comply with our procedures we are satisfied that the risk associated with a visit to our centre will be low.​

We realise that these rules are lengthy and serious but please read them fully as they are non-negotiable and carry no exceptions.  By booking a session you are agreeing to be bound by these procedures and rules.

Being COVID Secure is a two way street.  We have responsibilities to you and you, in turn, have responsibilities to us;

Please note that these procedures are under constant evaluation and we reserve the right to alter them at any time in order to safeguard our customers and staff.



  • If you or anyone you have been in close contact with in the last 14 days have tested positive for COVID19 or are showing ANY symptoms including ANY cough or ANY sneezing.  CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.  You will be able to rebook for a later date at no penalty. Voucher extensions will be applied if required to facilitate this.  


  • If you  have been advised to SELF ISOLATE or QUARANTINE by a doctor or NHS services. CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT. You will be able to rebook for a later date at no penalty. Voucher extensions will be applied if required to facilitate this.

  • TIERED LOCAL LOCKDOWNS. On 12th October the Government announced a new lockdown scheme rated as Tier 1, 2 and 3.  VFE is located in a Tier 1 area.   If you are located in a Tier  1 or 2 area you may continue to your session as planned so long as everyone in your party is from the same household or bubble.  If you live in a Tier 3 area then please contact us before your session date.

  • Please note appointment cancellations must be made ahead of time.  This can be done by email on or by phone.  The earlier you can tell us the better, as we can then offer your slot to another customer. Messages advising us you could not attend after the event or “no shows” will result in the voucher and session being lost.  There will be no exceptions to this.



  • BRINGING GUESTS The participant may bring 1 guest with them to enjoy the 737 experience at no extra charge.  Up to a further 2 guests may also join the participant in our 737 at £10 per guest.  Please note all guests must be from the same household or bubble as the participant and there is no waiting facility on site.   If you are flying our Seneca simulator or attending a Future Pilot Course this is limited to 1 guest only for the foreseeable future due to the confined nature of the Seneca simulator.


  • PLEASE ARRIVE 20 MINUTES BEFORE your stated session time.  This is to facilitate adequate spacing between sessions and to provide time for your pre-flight briefing. 


  • PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR CAR. Upon arrival, please wait in your car until a member of our team collects you.


  • CONTACTLESS TEMPERATURE measurements will be taken from everyone in your party when you arrive, maximum allowable temperature is 38 degree Celsius.  If anyone is found to have a temperature, your session will not be able to proceed and you will be asked to rebook at a later date. This will also be the case if you or any of your party arrive exhibiting any symptoms.

  • HAND DISINFECTANT - everyone will be required to disinfect their hands on arrival using the supplied hand sanitiser.  You will also be asked to re-sanitise your hands before entering the simulators and again on exiting them.


  • FACE MASKS ARE MANDATORY for everyone at all times inside our building.   Please bring your own non vented face mask.  If you do not have a face mask you may purchase one from reception on arrival.    Due to the confined nature of our simulators the requirement for face mask wearing is mandatory. Please note that even if you have a valid exemption you will be unable to enter our simulators without a face covering.  There are no exceptions to this. If you are unable to wear a face covering please contact us before your session date so that we can discuss the options available to you. 




  • We will be applying the same rules to ourselves as we expect you to comply with in terms of symptoms, temperature etc.


  • All our team will wear face masks for your protection and sanitise their hands regularly. 


  • We have installed a series of measures and systems inside our building and simulators designed to protect our customers and staff.


  • We will provide a clean, sanitised and air filtered environment for you to visit. 

  • We will disinfect the reception area, briefing rooms and all of the contact points in the simulator before and after each customer.

  • In addition to our own sanitisation regime and to ensure we are providing maximum protection for our customers, every 30 days our entire premises is FOGGED by a professional sanitation company.  FOG apply a product across our premises and inside our simulators which remains active, killing the virus on surfaces between their visits.

  • We will record the contact details of each visitor for COVID track and trace purposes.

Please note:  We will not be supplying any refreshments during the course of the pandemic.  If you are due to be with us for a lengthy session, please bring your own refreshments if you need them (Food and drink may not be consumed inside the simulators)


On a final note, we know that the above is very strict and serious.  That having been said we are still totally committed towards ensuring that you have an amazing and fun time when you visit us.  

If you would like to speak with us or have any queries then please email or call us on 0330 124 8777.

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